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How to Sell Fine Arts Online


Have you thought about selling your fine arts? If so, then the first place to start is online. It offers the largest opportunity to reach the most amount of potential customers. In the past, artists had to rely on selling items at local markets, art galleries, craft shows, and other local venues. With the growth of the internet, a lot more possibilities opened up. Use this short guide to learn how to sell fine arts online.

Create an Online Profile

Fine-Arts-NightBefore you do anything else, you need an online profile from which you can present your art and showcase your work. It is a good idea to keep this separate from any existing social media profile that you already use for communicating with family, friends, and coworkers. Consider setting up a Twitter account, Facebook page, or Instagram account for promoting your artwork. It is generally a good idea to name the account after yourself – with some reference to art in your account name. You will use this account to reach out to customers and promote your work.

Start Joining Online Communities

Online art communities provide the perfect way to interact with other artists in the same field as you. You may be able to find useful tips and ideas from them and get an idea of how they sell their work online. It is also a good way to gain additional followers and possibly even find some customers.

Start Sharing Your Work

4416-arts-right-bannerNow that you have an online profile and have joined a few online communities it is time to start sharing your work. Depending on the medium you work with, you will either need a scanner or a digital camera to start sharing images of your work online. For smaller drawings and paintings, a scanner allows you to perfectly capture your work and share it with others. Obviously, you will need a digital camera for sharing images of sculptures or larger pieces of work. Once you have your images on your computer, it is a good idea to include a watermark.

A watermark can be added using any photo editing software. At its most basic form, a watermark could simply be a slightly opaque text layer that includes your name and the year the work of art was created. You should also make every effort to create quality images of your work. When using a digital camera, ensure you have good lighting. When scanning an image, keep the image flat and adjust the default settings if needed. You want a good representation of your final work before sharing it with others.

Share the images of your fine arts on the social media profile account that you created. You may even be able to share some of your work through some of the art communities that you joined. This will help gain you some recognition and get your name out there.

Start Selling Your Work

ArtsBannerThe next step is to actually start selling your work. There are multiple ways to do this. You can offer your services or sell specific pieces through your social media account; though, this is not entirely effective. The best option is to setup your own website to sell your fine arts. You do not need to be a professional web designer to create a website. With easy to use options such as WordPress, anyone can get a website up in a matter of minutes. Through your website, you can allow customers to make purchases using PayPal for free. If you have the funds, you could also set up credit card payments.

Once your website is created, include the images you shared on your social media profile on your website. Create a portfolio page to showcase your work and include any comments about pricing and purchasing options. Use your social media account to help promote your website and attract more visitors.

It could take some time to gain the amount of traffic you need to your website to actual begin making sales. Remember that it can be difficult to sell fine arts online and it requires commitment and time. Keep at it and continue posting new images and growing your website and fanbase.